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FAQ's Regarding Airbeds

There are some things to consider before buying an air bed. Please read the following article for some helpful guidelines, and questions often asked.
People look for air beds for various reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Sleepovers
  • Weekend visitors
  • Vacations
  • College dorms
  • Unexpected guests
  • Watching TV

An air bed can prove useful for several reasons. They are less expensive than a normal bed and are far more portable.
Consider some questions that are often asked:

Q: How long does it take to pump the bed up?
Generally speaking, it depends on the size of your bed. I have personally timed the pump-up time for the queen size Insta-bed and it has taken on an average about 4 Minutes. This is the A/C operated model. Smaller beds will naturally be less time.

Q: Why does my bed loose air after the first few hours or day?
This is a very good question, but also a very easy one to answer. There are two basic reasons this happens and you CAN expect both to happen with any air bed you purchase, no matter who it is from.

1). Air contraction: Have you ever pumped up a ball with a hand pump and noticed how warm the hand pump gets? This is because compressed air creates heat. Like a hot-air balloon, the heated air expands. When it cools off, it contracts. The same thing happens when you pump up an air bed. The heat created during pump up expands the air inside the mattress. After an hour or so, it cools off and the mattress loses volume. Needless to say that if you pumped up your air bed in the heat of the afternoon, it will cool off drastically at night when the temperature may drop. After a couple of top-offs this will level out.

2). Material expansion: As well, the air bed material expands when it is pumped up to full volume. It will stretch when someone lies down upon it. After some time goes by, the bed may appear to loose air because of this expansion. In either case, all that is needed is to top the air bed off with either the built-in pump, or SPS pump that is built into the bed. This is not to say that air beds do not leak because they can. But it will help dispel some of the common problems many attribute to leakage.

Q: How can I find a leak in my air bed?
First, pump up your bed to full volume. Next, make a solution of soapy water using dishwashing soap. Put a little soap solution on the seams or anywhere else on the bed that you would suspect a leak. If you suspect it near the built-in pump, use caution. You don't want to ruin your pump with soapy water. Now look for bubbles. If you see these bubbles chances are your bed is leaking.

Q: How can I fix a leak that I find in my bed?
With each air bed there is a small repair kit supplied. This kit may be used with no problem. If however, you cannot find this repair kit or have used it already, any waterbed repair kit or bike tire repair kit can be used.

If you're searching for an air bed to take on your camping trips, no doubt you will want to purchase one that has a low profile, or sits lower to the ground. Not to say that you can't take along one of our raised air beds, because you can, especially if they are battery operated. Lower profile beds give you more room in a tent, and are easier to maneuver.

What are the benefits of a battery operated bed? For one, it makes it easier to pump up your bed when on camping trips. Some might say: "I already have a pump ... it plugs into my cigarette lighter in my car! ... Why would I need another?"

While you can pump up the Insta-bed with one of these too, having a built-in pump that operates on batteries can be even more convenient. Why? Most of the time pumping your mattress up using your car cigarette lighter involves having the bed outside of your tent, pumping it up, and trying to get it through the door (if your tent is small). With the battery operated Insta-bed there is no need to worry. Bring your bed into the tent rolled up. Unroll it and start the pump. Sounds simple enough, but many customers have literally ruined doors on their tents by trying to get a huge mattress through the door after pumping it up at their car.

With the Insta-bed you can even take along one of the raised beds if you like. No need to worry about getting it through the door either. When your trip is all done, simple let out the air and carry it out the door. It's that simple. If you really want to "rough it" most bed sheets work well with these air beds as the flocked top is made specifically to help hold these in place. The flocked top also helps hold slippery sleeping bags from sliding off onto the floor of the tent at night.
If you're not car camping, perhaps a Swiss Gear sleeping mat would server you better.